Types of Cars for Hire

You can have many reasons to hire a car. It could be for a party, wedding, general transport or for the case where you are traveling and have to leave your vehicle. Many people rent out their cars for these purposes or whatever your goal could be. To hire a car, you need to have a driving license or have a driver that has one. There are various reasons to hire a car. Thus, there is a variety of car types to choose from to suit your goal. Here are a few examples of vehicles to hire.


mini car
The mini type of cars consists of small cars, usually with low fuel consumption. If you are looking for a cost-efficient automobile for short distances, this is the type for you. Some vehicles in this class are the Fiat Panda and Smart ForTwo.


A compact car is meant for a small family. It usually seats five people and is moderately affordable. A compact car can be suitable for family outings or vacation. Opel Astra and Seat Leon are examples of vehicles in this class.


This is more spacious than the compact for small families. These cars sit 5 or 7 depending on the make, and some come with foldable seats as well. They are ideal for moving around just about anywhere. The Subaru Legacy and Audi A4 are included in this group of cars.


This is for a comfortable cruise in an elegant style. The Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series and Audi A6 are in this group, and they are ideal for business meetings, black tie events, and many more. They provide a high-class feel and a modern touch.


SUVs have strong bodies and engines. This makes them ideal for rough roads, but they also cruise well on a smooth road. Their toughness enables them to travel long distances, and this can be great for traveling and safaris. Some of the cars included here are the BMW X3 and the Honda CR-V.


These have cutting edge systems and designs. If you are going for a stylish and luxurious feel, you should hire from this category. They are suitable for parties or summer vacations, especially the Mercedes E250 Convertible. The Porsche Cayman and Jaguar F Type S Cabriolet are also in this category.

These are some of the types of vehicles you will find when going to hire a car. The rates of hiring these cars change within the types, brands, and models, with the mini being the lowest and luxury cars being the highest. There are also commercial types of vehicles to hire, such as trucks, if you are doing it for a business.