Four Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

Four Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

The biggest mistake that many car owners make is not to care about their car until it’s too late, such as when the exhaust fumes overflow, the engine stutters, etc. The truth is that behavior can be costly in the long run. Even the cars in the Mad Max universe has a polished look, don’t you know?

Cover Your Car When Parked in an Open Space

a covered carEven if you have a garage, you should still have a car cover so that when there is a circumstance forcing you to leave your car in an open space for a long time, your car won’t get affected by the weather. Direct sunlight may not be damaging to the engine, but it can definitely speed up the deterioration of the interior upholstery.

Besides, heavy dust can slip through the front grill and make the engine dirty. Once or twice of this condition may not be a problem. But if it continues for a long time, the rubber seals and all the moving parts inside the hood can be affected. 

However, don’t pick a thin cover because it allows moisture to slips through. And there will be nothing that can fade the car’s paint faster than trapped water molecules heated under the sun. 

Clean the Engine

a female mechanicJust like your body, if there are too many waste material buildups, the whole system can be damaged. In a car, this can cause the engine to jam. To prevent that from happening, you should clean the engine routinely. For the exterior parts, you can remove the dust, dirt, and grease by using a degreaser and cloth. Also, if you regularly do this, you will know if there are leaks there. Never underestimate the severity of leaked oil. If you’re on a trip and you don’t know that the engine oil has drained out, it can break down entirely. And the damage will surely be costly. 

Get the Steering Mechanism Checked Routinely

At least once a year, you should bring your car to an auto shop and get the steering mechanism checked. The hydraulic oil there needs replacement. And if there are loose parts, they must be tightened. This is not only a matter of comfort but also safety because an unmaintained steering mechanism can put you at risk of steering failure. It can lead to a terrible accident. 

Check the Tires and the Brakes

a car disk brakeFor this task, it’d be much safer and hassle-free if you leave it to a professional auto-shop. You can do this by yourself, of course. But if there are parts that are not properly installed, you can be in danger. Besides, you still need to get the tires rotated and balanced, which is a job that requires specialized equipment. 

One more thing, while you’re checking the brakes, don’t forget to clean them by simply spraying them with water. In other words, just wash your car regularly. Not only will it make your care look more eye-pleasing, but it will also keep the brakes functional longer.